If you have a problem getting your kids to drink water you should learn how to make home made flavored water. Today it is a known fact that one should drink at least eight glasses of water daily to flush out the toxins from the body. Therefore make it easier for your children and yourself to drink water by making flavored water at home.

This flavored water is not only refreshing but delicious enough to tempt the whole family into drinking glasses of it every day. The best part of flavored water is that you can make it at home and it is not expensive and it is one of the best ways to stay hydrated.

A most popular home made flavored water drink is cucumber flavored water. All you have to do is wash the cucumber and cut thin slices which can be added to iced water. Crushed mint leaves also give your drinking water a refreshing taste. In the same way you can use a little crushed ginger with honey that surely adds a “zing” to your water. Lemongrass and other herbs like parsley add aroma as well as give your water a hint of green.

What makes home made flavored water all the more interesting and delicious is that you can use anything from strawberries, blueberries and plums to grapes to give your water the natural flavors you desire. If you find buying flavored water very expensive you can also instead buy flavored drops that cost much less.

The variety of flavored drops range from Banana cream and cinnamon to coffee bean and Irish cream. Just a few drops of the flavor you desire should be added to the water and mixed. These flavored drops instantly dissolve and can be used to make shakes and smoothies too. The good news is that these drops are also Gluten-free and do not contain any animal products much to the relief of vegetarians and diet conscious folk.

If flavored water is drunk then it automatically increases ones water intake. Flavored drops do not contain any fats, sweeteners and calories and you can enjoy home made flavored water at any time just by adding the flavor of your choice to iced water. Flavored water also contains natural herbs and minerals that make it tasty. Children love flavors like vanilla, chocolate mint, strawberry and chocolate butter crunch.

Make some innovative flavored drinks at home by using fresh water that is either canned or bottled. carbonated waters like Sodas or seltzer can help you get more fizz in your drink. Carbonated water always taste better then plain, specially if one have a carbonation machine like Soda Stream and some great tasting Sparkling water Flavors from Aromhuset, like Pinapple.

 There are plenty of choices and options. You can add lemon or fresh lime juice to your water or even try grape juice. Coffee syrup can be extremely refreshing and invigorating. As you can see, the list is never ending and you can grab a glass of your favorite flavored drink at any time.

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