If you own a restaurant that serves club soda and commercial fizzy drinks to your patrons then you now have a healthier alternative that can also help to boost your earnings. You can surely multiply your profits with restuarant sparkling water dispensers and once you install these machines in your restaurant, you will also be able to offer a wide choice of flavors to your dining and drinking customers.
Your restaurant would definitely require quality drinking water in hot, cold and room temperature form. You might have installed a water dispenser with the hot/cold facility to receive the desired water at the press of a button. This water would help you to create tea, coffee and soups within minutes.

However, if you have stuck to selling club soda or fizzy soda that is loaded with sugar, colors, preservatives and artificial flavors then it is time that you offer a healthier choice to your customers. With the installation of your dispenser cum carbonator machine or soda machine in your restaurant you will be able to lower your costs by a noticeable margin while offering a wider range of flavors to an increasing number of health-conscious people at the same time.

With many restaurants pledging to reduce the sale of packaged sparkling bottled water due to its adverse effect on the environment, it will ensure that your restaurant sparkling water dispensers are used to produce crystal clear tasty sparkling water in-house that also helps the environment due to the absence of bottles.

You will only need to locate suppliers for various flavors such as lime, lemon, orange, etc or even exotic flavors such as kiwi, grapefruit, kiwi, passion fruit, peach, blueberry, black currant, etc.

 The good news is that you can easily find such suppliers over the Internet and a few clicks of your mouse will also ensure that you receive your desired flavors at the doorstep of your restaurant. You can now mix the flavors into the sparkling water produced by your table-top or floor sized dispenser-cum-carbonator and serve them with ice to your customers. You can also create your own distinct flavors by blending different flavors together and can even make them your restaurant’s signature drink.

Since these fruit flavors do not contain any sugar, caffeine, preservatives or artificial colors or flavors, they can be promoted to your health conscious customers even as the big bubbles cascading around in attractive glasses attract them enough to order one flavor after the other.

You will also be spared from the headache of storing filled bottles of bottled sparkling water and returning the empty bottles, which anyway pose a serious environmental problem while being disposed. A little initiative from your side will go a long way in educating your customers about the positive benefits of drinking sparkling water even as you save money at the same time.

It is therefore time to get a little proactive and provide an increasing number of environmentally and health-conscious people a healthier alternative to sipping on bottled colas and fizzy sodas. With the help of your restuarant sparkling water dispensers you can create healthy and tasty masterpieces that appeal to the palate of your customers while multiplying your profits too.

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