The next time you stretch your hand towards a bottle of commercial club soda or cola, withdraw it and think again. You have a healthier and tastier alternative that is also available in several tasty flavors. So, sip away to hydration with sparkling bottled water even as your tongue thanks you by cheerfully rolling over your lips after each tasty sip.
Sparkling water is basically water that has been carbonated naturally or artificially to produce bubbly water that bubbles with carbon dioxide gas. This is also known as club soda, pops, fizzy soda, etc.

However, compared to commercial club sodas or colas that contain caffeine, sugar, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, the healthier versions of sparkling water do not contain most of those ingredients that could harm your body in the long run. You can thus keep on sipping sparkling water all day long and can even carry it when you go hiking, cycling, traveling or exercise at any gym.
You should make it a point to choose only sparkling bottled water that does not contain any sugar, calories or artificial ingredients, and this can be done by carefully scanning the labels for the list of ingredients. Sparkling water made from natural springs that contain additional minerals and vitamins should be preferred since they could provide both taste and refreshing energy at the same time.

Your tongue is sure to have a tough time in choosing between the several tasty flavors available such as lime, lemon, melon, orange, peach, grapefruit, passion fruit, black currant, and many, many more. You can easily keep on changing the flavors each week so as to enjoy each lip-smacking flavor totally without ever getting bored. Several manufacturers offer various brands of sparkling water and a trip to your local supermarket or store will help you to look at bottled sparkling water in several attractive bottles.

A quick twist of the cap will allow you to pour the fizzy sparkling water into a glass clinking with ice cubes and you will be able to watch those big bubbles invitingly call out to your parched lips. You can also share the wonderful flavors with family members and even diabetics if there are no calories or sugar in your sparkling bottled water.

 You can also make your own sparkling water at home for a wider choice of flavors or if the bottled versions are not available at a nearby store. A carbonator or soda maker will allow you to mix the desired amount of carbonic acid in plain or bottled water and you can then simply blend in flavors that can be ordered online and delivered right to your home. You also have an added advantage of mixing various flavors to create tongue-tickling masterpieces that can be offered to guests visiting your home or can even be enjoyed with a snack or meal.

You now have a healthy choice in remaining hydrated without turning your nose away from plain water. Instead of gulping down packaged sodas or colas that feature sugar and other artificial ingredients, you should shift over to sparkling bottled water that only has natural flavoring without any calories or artificial substances dissolved in that water. You can now drink to good and tasty health with sparkling water.

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