Good health is important for your body to function at optimum levels and you can remain hydrated by drinking plain and carbonated water to remain healthy and fresh. However, if drinking plain water has caused your palate to cringe with boredom then you can still remain healthy as you take one tasty sip of sparkling water at a time and enjoy the feeling of bubbles bursting happily in your mouth.

All you need to turn boring and tasteless water into delicious bubbly nectar is to buy a soda club home soda maker and learn how to make carbonated water at home, which is actually very easy. Your carbonated water dispenser will soon be dispensing delicious sparkling water when you simply press a button to enrich your plain water with co2 and turn it into tasty bubbly water. You can set the level of carbonation with your home soda water maker so as to suit your palate too. Your homemade fizzy water will anyway be much safer than club soda or colas that are manufactured commercially since it will not contain high levels of sodium or any caffeine, sugar, preservatives or colors.

You will now be able to enjoy drinking soda water right at home and also serve it to your loved ones including people that have diabetes since there is no sugar or calories in these delectable drinks. By adding a drinking water cooler you can turn a glass of plain water or mineral water into chilled seltzer water that can be sipped on all day long, thus keeping dehydration away from your body. While sparkling water is fun all by itself, you can still raise the fun quotient for your palate by blending in delicious flavors available over the internet. A few drops of flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, apple, melon, and many more will provide a completely new zing to your fizzy water and will result in slurping sounds, especially from children as each flavor pleases the palate in unimaginable ways.

You and your loved ones can still reap the benefits of drinking water after converting it to delicious flavored carbonated water at home and sipping over it all day long. You can even pour it in bottles and take it to the gym, keep it in your car or keep it in your backpack while hiking, so as to remain hydrated with a happy smile on your face. Although there are many brands of flavored sparkling water available in stores they will surely work out to be very costly in the long run since all it costs to convert one liter of plain water into bubbling sparkling water is a few cents and only a few drops are required to turn that water into delicious flavored water with a zing. This is truly the most cost-effective method of drinking tasty seltzer water while taking care of your health at the same time.

Drinking water is essential to remain hydrated but you can also remain hydrated in a fun way by converting staid water into delicious carbonated water. You can also add flavor to your bubbly water and keep on rotating the flavors so that you and your loved ones can enjoy each day in a new and tasty way.

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